Bail Bond Check In and Advice for Co-Signers

Blue Force Bail Bonds uses the Bail Bonds Check In App to help with the check in process for those who have gotten bail through us. After you download the app on an internet capable device, you are assigned a valid app code to use while you are under the terms of bail. It is [...]

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Friendly Bail Bonds Service

The team at Blue Force Bail Bonds understands how stressful and frightening it is to have a friend or loved one locked up. According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office website: (, an inmate’s overall, average length of incarceration at the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) is 27 days. The CJC houses those people who [...]

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Is Bail Bond Money Returned?

One very common question that is asked by people who have had a bail bond for a defendant paid through a bail bonds company is, “When will I get my money back?”At times those people will call their bondsman after the court case has finished and want to know when they will get their refund. [...]

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What is the difference between cash bonds, bail, and bail bonds?

A cash bond, also termed a “cash-only bond”, is set by the court. This type of bond is issued when a defendant will only be allowed release from jail after the full amount of the bail is paid in cash to the court. In these cases, bail bonds written by a bail bond company would [...]

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How to understand the bail bond process to get the bond you need quickly

Do you need to get bail bond quickly for a friend or loved one living in Colorado? As you know, the bail amount is set by the court, so you may be facing a cost that is higher than you can currently afford to pay. Well, you are in luck finding this website and phone [...]

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