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Do I Have A Warrant?

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I often receive telephone calls from individuals who think they may have a warrant for their arrest.

This thought may arise from a letter they received from the court system, or from an acquaintance who was arrested and think they may be involved, or they realized that they missed a court date.

If you believe for any reason, that a warrant may exist, contact Blue Force Bail Bonds first.

Blue Force Bail Bonds will do the following:

1. Check with local authorities to confirm that you have a warrant.

2. Meet with you and a cosigner to prepare your bond documents in advance of you turning into the jail.

3. Notify the jail personnel that you are turning in and that you will be posting bail as soon as the in-processing. Is completed.

4. Post your bond.

This process will, in most cases, result in a shortened time you spend in jail.

If you think you have a warrant, contact Blue Force Bail Bonds for a head start on your bail bond process.

Blue Force Bail Bonds

2860 South Circle Drive #109

Colorado Springs, CO 80906-4195


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