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Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Common questions on the list of questions about bailing a person out of jail is what information do I need. The answer is pretty straight forward and generally easy to obtain.

First, A valid photo ID for all cosigners and the defendant once he/she is released from jail. A valid ID card in Colorado is current driver’s license or valid Colorado ID. A valid U.S. Passport is a supplemental identification. Remember, expired identifications are not acceptable.

Secondly, Proof a residency is required. If you have a utility bill in your name at your current address that is acceptable. Other items can be bank statements or tax return documents.

Third, Proof of Income. The easiest documents to show that you are gainfully employed are a recent pay period stub and or tax documents including 1040 and w-2.

This information is required prior to any decision to write bond agreements or develop a payment plan if applicable.

Lastly, Should collateral be required, clear deed or title is required for all property you wish to use as collateral. Additional information is required for Real Property (home) used as collateral.

Blue Force Bail Bonds is the premier bail bond agency in Colorado Springs:

· Approvals can be made via phone, on line or in person.

· Documents prepared telephonically and signed digitally simplifies the process for out-of-state cosigners or in cases where cosigners cannot travel to the office, (illness or inclement weather)

· No hidden fees

Blue Force Bail Bonds

2860 South Circle Drive Suite G30

Colorado Springs, CO 80904


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