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Need to Wear an Ankle Monitor on Bail?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Blue Force Bail Bonds is helping people who are released on bail with an ankle monitor they must wear at all times. An ankle bracelet homing device is something that defendants must wear to track their location at all times while they are under house arrest or parole. The ankle monitor sends a radio frequency signal which contains information such as their location to a receiver. It makes sense for more incarcerated persons to be released on bond with an ankle monitor instead of remaining in custody because the cost of incarceration far outweighs the cost of an ankle monitor and house arrest. In fact, the cost to the local government for incarcerating a person can be over $20,000 a year, but the cost of putting someone on house arrest only costs about $6,000 per year. Additionally, the wearer of the ankle bracelet is required to help pay many of the costs in exchange for the privilege of being out of prison.

The ankle monitor that the defendant is wearing collects data throughout the day from satellites. Examples of data collected could be the defendant’s travel, direction, levels of alcohol, as well as times and dates when they were in certain places. This data is then reported to the monitoring center and accessed by the parole office or bail bonds company agents. This kind of monitoring promotes public safety legally by way of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS), which is a formal agreement between states enabling control of the movement of certain adult offenders. Blue Force Bail Bonds works hard to help people be free from jail, even under circumstances when an ankle monitor is needed, by keeping a responsible eye on those who are on bail with one so they do not have to be put back in jail. Blue Force is continually hard at work for you to give you the best bail bond service and monitoring. Call us today at 719-582-5057 if you or a loved one is required to wear an ankle bracelet upon release on bail.

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