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Tips to Help You Avoid Missing Court Dates

Missing a court date can have serious consequences, including the issuance of a warrant for your arrest and the imposition of additional fines and penalties. It is important to make every effort to remember and attend all of your court dates. Here are a few tips that may help you remember your court dates:

  1. Write it down: Make a physical or digital note of your court date and put it in a place where you will see it regularly, such as on your refrigerator or in your phone's calendar.

  2. Set a reminder: Use an alarm or reminder on your phone or computer to alert you about your court date in advance.

  3. Tell someone: Let a trusted friend or family member know about your court date and ask them to remind you or check in with you to make sure you are prepared.

  4. Contact the court: If you are unsure about your court date or have any other questions, you can contact the court directly to confirm the date and time of your appearance.

  5. Seek help: If you are struggling to manage your court dates or other obligations, you may be able to get help from a legal aid organization or other resource.

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