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To Bail or Not to Bail?

The question. Should I try to bond out of jail or just wait it out until court? This is a common question. There are two answers, simply yes or no. Here are several reasons why you should try to make bond as soon as possible. We are here to help. Call Blue Force Bail Bonds at 719-582-5057.


Does your employer know that you are in jail? Will they hold your job or pay salary for the time you are in custody? Most likely not. Being gainfully employed while going to court is generally a positive reflection on you. If you are worried about your job, bail out as soon as possible.

Rent or Mortgage

This goes hand-in-hand with employment. If you lose your job will you be able to make your rent or mortgage? It is difficult to maintain your household from jail. If this is your situation, arrange for bail as soon as possible.

Children and Pets

Another concern while being in jail is who will care for children and pets? If you live alone as a single parent to children or pet, jail can pose a very real nightmare. Having family local may be a relief but if not you could be in a predicament. Bail out as soon as possible.

Attorney and your Defense

Criminal defense attorneys whom I have met over my many years have all said. “You cannot prepare a proper defense while a defendant is in jail.” Meetings with your attorney, while possible, are complicated by attorney travel to the jail and jail procedures. Providing your attorney with information and/or paperwork is difficult if you are in jail. Meeting with investigators and defense witnesses is not possible while you are in jail, and may have an adverse effect on your case preparation. Call Blue Force Bail Bonds 719-582-5057 to arrange your Bail out of Jail today

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