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Why are jails and prisons one of the worst places to be during a virus outbreak?

Prisons have long been criticized for poor sanitation, overcrowding, and a lack of resources.

Reduced access to fresh air and natural light, cramped living spaces, poor access to medical treatment and screening — these factors speed up the spread of infection and are typical of prison environments

Many of the incarcerated, face poverty and discrimination, the high opiod use and often homelessnes mean that they tend to carry a higher incidence of poor health in general.

Poor personal hygiene in prison, US prisoners are six times more likely to get a viral illness than the general population.

The World Health Organization has also said that in general, prisons around the world suffer from "overcrowding, poor ventilation, frequent transfers of prisoners between prisons, poor nutrition, and limited access to health care make prisoners more likely to contract viral illnesses.

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