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Your First Court Hearing

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

If you have been arrested for an alleged crime and have made bail with Blue Force Bail Bonds, it is very important to make it to your first court date. We suggest you write down the date of your first court appearance somewhere you won’t forget because according to Colorado law, no bail bonds company is allowed to tell you when your court date is; that is your responsibility. The consequences for not making your first court appearance can be fines, additional charges, or another warrant may be issued. If you or a family member is having legal troubles, call Blue Force Bail Bonds and we can work with you to help you understand the bail process and gain your freedom back. Again, we tell everyone that comes to us it is very important to make it to your first court hearing. You may have the ability to arrange for bail even before your first court date. The bail amount that you must pay is based upon the charges that are noted in the police report. In these cases, after you or your loved one has been bailed out of jail, it is very important to return to the court for the first scheduled court appearance. Blue Force Bail Bonds serves several southern Colorado counties. You are always in good hands with us.

Blue Force Bail Bonds

2860 South Circle Drive #109

Colorado Springs, CO 80906-4195


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